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Our team has deep roots in Network Operations, Satellite and Internet Technology and Digital Strategy.


Ernst Peter Hovinga

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[email protected], +491752219950

Ernst Peter is co-founder of Magnitude Space and naturally focused on building bridges between market needs and technology. As he often says, it’s about superior customer understanding and acknowledging that technology is a mere enabler and never a means to an end. For over twenty years Ernst Peter has worked in international roles, for the last 10 years in board level positions. Serving companies like KPN, Stratos (now Inmarsat), GE Satcom and NSSlGlobal, he commercialized managed ICT services in remote areas using Satellite, Wimax or digital remote radio. Ernst Peter has an MSc in Financial Business Economics from Groningen University.

Coen Janssen

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[email protected], +31655772090

Coen is co-founder of Magnitude Space. With degrees in aerospace engineering and international corporate finance, he really is your man to guide you through the opportunities of investing in Magnitude Space. As an investment advisor, Coen has been focused on technology and high growth innovative businesses. He attended Harvard to enhance his corporate finance skills and has an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology. Coen is a sports fanatic and loves to watch baseball.

Maarten Engelen

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[email protected], +31626758994

Maarten is co-founder of Magnitude Space and leads the technical team. He is at his best in environments with high growth and challenging delivery timeframes. Maarten is also a serial entrepreneur and co-founded companies in managed IT infrastructure, enterprise e-commerce solutions and online marketplaces. Maarten studied Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University. In his spare time, he is an avid music lover.

Laurens Groenendijk

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[email protected], +31622520352

Laurens is a seasoned internet entrepreneur and passionate about market places. He is co-founder of Treatwell.com and CEO until it was sold in 2015 to its international counterpart Wahanda. Previously he co-founded Just Eat where he served as Managing Director until 2012. Laurens has a BA in commercial economics.

Hub Urlings

SaT-IoT Innovation Manager
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[email protected], +31620434129

As a seasoned satcom professional Hub brings his vast experience in international satellite markets to Magnitude Space. He has been deeply involved in the satellite M2M/IOT industry since the early days from Inmarsat-C’s “Station 12 KPN Land Earth Station” and later with his company M2sat he was responsible for introducing a portfolio of satellite data services in L-Band, Ku- and Ka-Band. Hub is passionate about innovative new satcom services and the opportunities of NewSpace initiatives like Magnitude Space in the global IoT market.

Martijn Bos

Director Distribution and Business Development
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[email protected], +4366475032454

Martijn has over fifteen years of experience in entrepreneurial environments building distribution partnerships and developing business. His expertise lies in setting up strategic and functional distribution channels in IT, in particular Satellite and Telecoms. Martijn has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and loves to ski the slopes of Austria.

Marijn Driessen

Director Digital Strategy and Business Development
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[email protected], +31646594645

Marijn brings to the team her 20 years of digital strategy expertise, placing the customer firmly in the center of a connected world. She demonstrates the opportunities of Magnitude Spaces’ offering to customers and investors. Marijn flourishes in challenging circumstances where technology enables new revenue models. She is author of the guidebook on digital marketing in China. Marijn has an MSc in Business Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam and enjoys sailing competitively.


Magnitude Space is supported by trusteed advisors with decades of experience in satellite technology and high growth start-ups.

Andreas Nil

Andreas is a leading Radio Frequency engineer with over 25 years in the aerospace industry.
He is also Managing Director of the SASS project, which developed a Satellite-based Alarm and Surveillance System. The system provides connectivity between alarm and surveillance systems at one end and security centres or other receivers at the other end.

Gabriël de Scheemaker

Gabriël is a Managing Director at C-Ventures. He has 20+ years of international energy innovation experience. At Royal Dutch Shell, he worked in senior roles such as Director, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer in chemical, upstream, downstream, hydrogen, and algae energy (joint) ventures, based in the EU, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

Hans Schmidt

Hans is a leading Network and Radio Frequency engineer with more than 40 years experience in the telecommunications industry. He has been leading in the Netherlands, designing solutions ranging from the optimization of the premier Dutch satellite teleport in Burum to the recent roll-out of LoRA by KPN.

Willem-Jan Schutte

Willem-Jan is the founder of Stech Company. He has a long history as a successful IT and technology entrepreneur and has worked over 15 years as initiator, Senior Manager and Board Member at various international technology and investment companies. Willem Jan is supported by an extensive and high leveraged network of private and institutional investors from Europe anthe USA, mainly Silicon Valley.