Introducing global connectivity through Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, as part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

We focus on removing the existing barriers to connect your assets. Even when there is no internet nearby. Enabling you to gather valuable insights from Greenland to the Pacific Ocean, direct-to-satellite. From urban rooftops to cloud-covered rainforests. It does not matter which insights you require or the systems you use to analyze your information.

Monitor anything: livestock, leasing equipment, fishing boats, plantations, rivers and even things you never envisioned connecting. We believe in ease of use so you can start making informed decisions, without further delay.

Start changing the way you run your organization.


To deliver Insights of Things to your organization we offer you the Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN). Using our satellite network, you can gather information from anything and from any location in the world. Welcome to the future of connectivity.

Our technology can be embedded into all devices. But how does it work?

(for technical specifications please get in touch and tell us about your needs)

1. Low Power Global Area Network

The modem with LPGAN specifications is affordable and easy to install in your data-monitoring device of choice. LPGAN components are designed with easy integration in mind, allowing our network to be applicable to any sector, wherever you are in the world.

2. Transmit your data to our satellites

Your device can now transmit encrypted data directly to our satellites, including its location, condition or usage, depending on the sensors that exist in your device. The modem knows when our satellite is in close proximity, allowing it to detect and transmit the data to that specific satellite.

3. Data delivered back to earth

The satellite continues in its orbit and transmits the data package back to earth via one of our gateways. To ensure reliability and optimal latency of data delivery, gateways are strategically located around the world and interconnected.

4. Analyze your data

Your data is safeguarded in our own central data repository. It is made available to your organization’s Operating Support System or other system of choice, via pick-up or push technology as specified by you. Further processing and value extraction is your final step to start optimizing operations. What you monitor and on which platform you analyze your data, is your decision


Our global network is truly affordable and future-proof. Here’s what makes us unique.

1. Low power usage

Why use energy when you don't have to? We have designed our Low Power Global Area Network to operate perfectly with limited energy resources. Particularly useful in those hard-to-reach places and anywhere off-the-power-grid. The new standard for delivering Insights of Things is here. Better for the organization, safer for your people.

2. Global service at affordable costs

The satellites in our network are low earth orbiting (below 700 km). They deliver a global service from day one, at affordable costs.

3. Always the latest technology

We fully refresh our network of orbiting satellites every three years. This way, the network you use is always up-to-date with the latest technological developments. The system architecture remains fully backward compatible with the installed base.

4. Open access

We believe in open access. This allows your data to be integrated into your existing ways of working. It is made available to you through your own systems or through any of the existing cloud providers.

5. No local setup required

You are no longer dependent on a local network to keep your assets connected. We facilitate autonomous, direct-to-satellite, data connections.