Do you want to optimize your asset management?

Are you the owner of an equipment leasing company? Then one of your key concerns is monitoring the location and condition of your (unpowered) assets. A difficult task, as your organization is – literally – always on the move.

What if you could localize the equipment you lease and monitor usage and condition? The obtained insights would do the work for you, giving you the possibility to make informed decisions on planning and maintenance.

Magnitude Space can provide you with these insights, allowing you to reduce loss of equipment, improve maintenance and arrange deployment more efficiently. Our network of satellites keeps you in control.

Monitoring your planet

Imagine you are an entrepreneur with a global mission to educate kids in developing countries. Your aim is to bring to life how insights from temperature, air humidity, air pressure and rainfall can save crops, improve harvests and ultimately feed people.

Your major challenge is that most rural schools are in remote and unconnected areas. Local weather data is therefore unavailable.

What if you could provide each school with a climate station, with affordable connectivity already built-in? You could help them apply, share and enrich local data. Magnitude Space can make this a reality because we focus on bringing you affordable and low powered connectivity.

As a social entrepreneur, you now have control and access to affordable connectivity. Even in the most remote and unexpected places you can gather field data and start monitoring the condition of the planet. To help you experiment, launch and learn, Magnitude Space connects up to 25 devices free of charge.

Do you want to manage your livestock?

Picture this: you’re a farmer at Anna Creek Station, the largest cattle station in Australia almost the size of England. Across this vast land, you manage thousands and thousands of livestock, but only have 150 staff to work with. It’s difficult to keep an eye on your cattle. To do so, you would need a helicopter.

What if you could monitor every movement of your cows and from the comfort of your ranch? You’ll receive direct insights into their whereabouts, health and needs. Or how about monitoring drinking supplies, without the need to venture out in person?

This makes your farm more efficient, safer and easier to manage.

Magnitude Space connects your devices to enable Insights of Things for a wide range of application.